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The easiest, best way to manage your fleet.

Mar 03

Cimatruck provides flexible and easy to use fleet management solutions that help small and large companies manage and optimize their dispatch and maintenance operations.

Our advanced technology and best of the breed software, scales to fleets of all sizes, allowing our customers to be more efficient, control and reduce costs, and ensure long-term profitability.

We thrive on providing a superior customer service, helping our clients further the success of their fleet and transportation assets.

Find the perfect match for your unique business needs with our Basic, Premium and SaaS solutions.

Ask for the 30 day free trial!


Contest “Reduce Costs and Increase Profits”

Jan 06

Cimatruck invites you to participate in the Contest “Reduce Costs and Increase Profits”

Contest in which CIMA CI grants use of Cimatruck maintenance module to 5 companies for a period of 3 months. In addition the winners will receive a package of 14 hours of consulting services, including the best industry practices and training on Cimatruck.

With Cimatruck maintenance, companies control:

· Preventive Maintenance Scheduling, Payments and Procedures

· Work Order Management and Programming

· Vehicle Inspections

· Costs Follow up

· Replacement Analysis

· Warranties Tracking

· Tires tracking

Companies working with Cimatruck can have the following savings:

• 6% Maintenance Cost
• 20% Spare Parts
• 50% Payment of Fines
• 15% Tires

Cimatruck is a fleet management software, 100% web, developed for companies that work with a private fleet or contractors as part of their operation. The value of Cimatruck is helping companies increase profitability, reduce costs, process integration and optimization. Cimatruck provides relevant, updated and detailed online information to make better informed decisions.

The winning companies will only need a computer with internet and assign a project leader.

If you are interested in participating send an email to cimatruck@cimatruck.com, write us why you are interested in winning the contest and why your company deserves to win. The time limit to send us an email is January 14th 2010. On January 17th, we will announce the winning companies.

Ci Cima is a company with more than 24 years in the market providing IT and consulting services; with Cima Ci International Inc, as a subsidiary in Silicon Valley, representation in Canada and partnerships with companies that provide complementary services in the transportation industry.

Carla Hurtado


Cima Ci International, Inc


Increase profits by having up dated data on time

Apr 29

How much time do you invest searching for data?

According to studies performed by several reputable companies, professionals in the Supply Chain spend approximately 25% of their time searching and analyzing the information they need to make decisions in the chain processes.

This time is obviously precious to be used in other activities that add more value to the company, for that reason it is necessary to find the way to streamline and optimize each link in the chain and get to have a more productive and profitable operation.

This limited 25% of the time for making decisions is gold at the time to respond to the urgent and uncontrollable requirements of the chain. Therefore, if we do not pay attention to these key points, productivity can be reduced, costs escalated and even the risks can be reduced.

Among many links in the supply chain, we have a key one for it: transportation.

Transport in the supply chain is a crucial element and that is because with techniques as Just In Time and Just In Process, we require all the inputs to be at the right time with the right person. All of this requires monitoring and information, by automated solutions designed for this process, you will reduce that 25% of time we have been talking about thus improve the response times and accuracy of each of the decisions in the process.

Controlling arrivals and departures of vehicles for short or long hauls, documentation and instruction sheets for drivers and adjusting  time windows is how Cimatruck can control these critical points. In addition, with its ability to interface with other applications, it becomes part of the many solutions currently designed for controlling logistics and supply chain processes without disrupting the information flow and rather adding value to it.

See how your response times can be improved with Cimatruck as an ally in the transportation process in the supply chain and see reflected since the first months of use an increase on productivity of your workforce with an improved quality of service and process controls. Contact us at www.cimatruck.com.mx and be witness of the cultural and operational changes in your business just as many pioneer companies have done it.

Hello world!

Feb 11

Welcome to cimatruck, the one stop software for fleet management and maintenance.

If you’re looking for

  • An organized repository for all your data
  • Up to date accurate information for your fleet &
  • A comprehensive maintenance plan

You should evaluate Cimatruck Software -